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AMPLIFY Community Engagement Award recipient, The Healing Institute shares how they have incorporated tobacco education and awareness within their community.

1) How do you think this annual event impacts our community?

As patient services organizations, we don't always see the direct impact of our work, but we are delighted to report that one of our goals is to share vital information about the tobacco industry targeting our community, cessation of use of tobacco products of all kinds and prevention of disease, has been achieved as evidenced by conversations with community members and faith-based leaders where members drive awareness discussion. We are also informed that a few individuals and groups have created sessions and events with tobacco awareness being themes.

2) Do you think that your walk-a-thon brings awareness to issues such as tobacco education and cessation? We do believe our walk brings tobacco education and cessation awareness as we share verbally with the emphasis on the importance of our communities health and well-being and the absolute necessity of being intentional about the discontinuance of using tobacco products as well as not ever starting. We also shared and continue to share AATCLC and Amplify written materials and objects provided to reinforce the knowledge.

3) How detrimental is the need for tobacco education in your community? All members within our organization have sadly been directly impacted by tobacco use, which was largely the cause of death of our family members as well as other chronic diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other debilitating respiratory conditions. We are intentional and extremely motivated to share the information as well as encourage others to share as much as they are able and join and participate in organizations such as AATCLC and Amplify and create workshops and events that educate their communities. Statistically, African Americans and African immigrants have higher mortality rates than our counterparts with certain diseases. We use our fundraising efforts as well as education sessions to spread awareness to "save our lives."

The Healing Institute Global Network provides comprehensive support to individuals from discerned symptoms to diagnosis to treatment to recovery and post treatment. We partner with cancer patients to provide emotional support, connection to educational and financial resources, and spiritual counseling and support groups. Our services include treatment companionship including transportation and navigation to and from appointments. During appointments we serve as a second ear to help potentially stressed out or fearful patients remember what they need to for the most effective treatment with aim toward the encouragement of a conscientious doctor/patient partnership. At treatment, we serve as a confidant or shoulder to help patients get through.


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