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Regional Partners

Nile Sisters Development Initiative (San Diego)


FULSToP ( Families Uniting Locally to Solve Tobacco Proliferation ) is a community-based initiative that aims to reduce tobacco-related health disparities among refugee, ethnic, and African-American / Black communities and make gains toward health equity through collaborative, regional approaches directed toward policy change and community education.

FULSToP collaborative partners engage in activities to facilitate the adoption and implementation of smoke-free policy with faith-based organizations and smoke-free MUH ( Multi-Unit Housing ) policy. Additionally, FULSToP seeks to enhance deterrent policies toward flavored tobacco products.

FULSToP contract 17–10977 receives funds from the California Department of Public Health, California Tobacco Control Program, through the Proposition 56 California Healthcare, Research, and Prevention Tobacco Act of 2016.

Youth Leadership Institute (Central Valley)

Young people – particularly youth of color and their allies – are deeply motivated to address inequities in their communities. At Youth Leadership Institute, young people realize their power by learning to use their voices to create meaningful change.

We work within coalitions and with elected officials to promote policy change that makes our communities more equitable and just for young people, especially young people of color. And it’s paying off with over 120 policy wins so far.

Change happens when conversations take place. At Youth Leadership Institute, we believe that conversations of real significance only occur when all voices are heard. And we’re here to ensure that youth voice is heard. Loud and clear.

African Communities Public Health Coalition (Los Angeles)



African Coalition promotes an African-centered approach to mental health care, service delivery and theoretical understanding of all mental health programs.

We provide direct mental health and immigration services. Accessing, identifying and addressing the unmet physical and mental health needs of individuals and their families within the African communities in Los Angeles County; Conducting culturally-informed outreach, engagement, linkage, education and training to African-born community members; Promoting collaborations and partnerships between the African communities, the physical and mental health entities, as well as community-based social service organizations; Linking community members to culturally-competent, linguistically-appropriate physical and mental health service providers; Advocating on behalf of the community for needed physical and mental health services; Promoting wellness activities through workshops, seminars and health fairs.


SOL Project (Gold Country)

The SOL Project advocates for healthy, smoke-free communities for African Americans and other populations who suffer disproportionately as a result of social conditions and tobacco


Saving Our Legacy, African Americans for Smoke-Free Safe Places was founded in 2007 by Kimberly Bankston-Lee and Twlia Laster. The project name was derived by community advocates, Julius Bankston, Roxie Mason, Jolean French and Carol McGruder, who shared a collective vision for improving health among African Americans in Sacramento County.

The SOL Project works with key opinion leaders, businesses, community members, educators, lawmakers and non-profits to adopt and implement smoke-free policies that protect people from the hazards of tobacco smoke and electronic smoking device vapor.

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