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AMPLIFY! Cessation Support

AMPLIFY! Cessation Support

Stop Smoking & Vaping Resources


Our Cessation Support Resource is a space allows you to overcome social, emotional, physical challenges of living without nicotine. It is imperative that African Americans are given resources and support to overcome challenges. With the right resources, stoping smoking is possible!

As AMPLIFY! we KNOW that Black people absolutely can quit smoking and we are proud to offer resources to help our community. We want to ensure that you have the support tools to help yourself, a client, or a family member stop smoking.  Our resources will soon be updated and include online and social media support. 

Dr. Karen J. BeardCertified Tobacco Treatment Specialist


Virtual Quit & Smoking Group Sessions

Now offering individual and virtual quit sessions.

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Dr. Karen J. Beard

Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist

888.881.6619, ext. 107

"We don't die, we AMPLIFY!"

"We don't die, we AMPLIFY!"