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Services Offered

Assistance with navigating the world of tobacco control

Supporting your organization to understand challenges and collaborate to come up with solutions

Tailored assistance/


We are experts in tailoring assistance to your needs, and look forward to helping you engage our community, collaborate on events and provide resources

Moral support

We are all in this together and we will prevail!

Helping your program engage the Black community  

Our community is disproportionately affected from the pernicious targeting of the black community. We will help you combat the tobacco industry through meaningful community engagement and outreach.



Capacity building

We work collaboratively to build the strength, ability, and resiliency of our communities to conquer the many issues we face. We are working to help our community take better care of our children, our elders and ourselves. Strong healthy people build strong healthy organizations and communities. 

Leadership Development

We have a tailored leadership development program aimed to build leaders as we educate our people and help them gain access to the many career opportunities in the fields of public health, tobacco control, media, research, evaluation and much more.  We have programs is for students, young adults, and seasoned professionals. 

We can help you stop smoking

We know that as we rid our communities of deadly addictive tobacco/nicotine Products our people need help to quit smoking/vaping.  You are not alone. the strength of your people are behind you.

Trainings, Workshops,& Webinars

We conduct trainings/workshops/webinars on a wide variety of topics, all with the aim of engaging and educating our community.  we collaborate with community partners to mutually support each other.

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