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EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Reset Recharge Reinvent! Reimagining Tobacco-Control & Youth Advocacy

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Two of our Regional partners, Niles Sister Development Initiative and African Communities Public Health Coalition, collaborated to offer a two part series! "Reset Recharge Reinvent! Reimagining Tobacco-Control & Youth Advocacy" provided practical for the next generation to take charge of their community and their health. Speakers inspired and empowered youth by discussing social justice, mental wellness, leadership , social justice, and activism.

“The virtual summit was a great success, it was a wonderful opportunity to be able to collaborate with so many different organizations to put together an amazing event for our communities. COVID-19 has put a great strain on our programs and has required us to think with more innovation on how we can accomplish our goals. With these challenges however, we were able to reach a broader and more diverse audience than we would have typically been able to with an in-person event. The entire purpose of the event was to create something that would be engaging and informative, and we were able to accomplish this by including a variety of amazing and insightful speakers!” – Eloise Rangel, Outreach Specialist for Nile Sisters

We commend Niles Sisters and African Coalition for their work!


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