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World No Tobacco Day 2019

Updated: May 31, 2019

Today is World No Tobacco Day! This campaign seeks to raise awareness about the adverse effects of tobacco use and second-hand smoke exposure. On this day, organizations all across the globe are advocating against the use of tobacco in any form.

This years theme is "tobacco and lung health." The campaign will focus on the impact tobacco has on lung health, including conditions like cancer and chronic respiratory disease and also educate on how the lungs play a crucial part of an individual’s overall health.

AMPLIFY! recognizes tobacco and its usage as a social justice issue. For that reason, we support #WNTD!


- 18.3 % of African American adults smoke (link)

- More African American men smoke than women (link)

- More than 70% of African American smokers use menthol products (link)

- African Americans initiate smoking at a later age compared to Whites (link)

Resources African Americans and Tobacco Use (link)

How to Quit Smoking (link)

Quitting is a Journey (link)


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