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AMP Up! Program Works Toward Building Future Leaders!Fall 2020 Call for Application


Y’Lonn Burris

Project Coordinator

AMP Up! Leadership Development Program Works Toward Building Future Leaders!

Fall 2020 Call for Applicants

SAN FRANCISCO, CA…. AMPLIFY!, the California African American Statewide Coordinating Center, recently graduated their Spring cohort from their Leadership Development program. The four month long program is geared towards building the next generation of tobacco control leaders. The program educates the Black and African American community by helping them gain access to a variety of career opportunities in the fields of public health, tobacco control, media, research, evaluation and much more within the state of California. Cohorts have a healthy mix of students, young adults, and seasoned professionals.

“I really enjoyed participating in the AmpUP! Leadership training last fall in 2019. Carol's presentations were very insightful and provided a lot of information about the African American community's long battle with the tobacco industry that was new to me. Learning about how big tobacco has been targeting African Americans through ads, discounts, and freebies for numerous decades was very shocking and made me want to spread even more awareness about it. I'm grateful that I was able to be a part of the first ever AmpUP! cohort and know that the knowledge I gained will help me as I continue to do advocacy work and health education in my community. Thanks again to Y'Lonn, Carol and the Amplify staff for providing this program!”

- Alicia Needham, Fall 2019 Cohort

The spring 2020 cohort comprised 15 participants. Lessons and topics of discussion included strategies on informing and engaging their communities about the far reaching and devastating impact of tobacco use on the Black community. The program allows for continued internship opportunities. Past graduates have conducted community presentations and interned in program evaluation. Recently, Spring 2020 Cohort graduate Andrea Maynard had a wonderful opportunity to conduct a community presentation.

At present, we are recruiting for our Fall 2020 cohort! This time around, we are collaborating with Black Student Unions on community college campuses across the state of California to recruit the next generation of Tobacco Control leaders. The 12 week curriculum will cover the History of Menthol, Predatory Targeting, Tobacco Education & Advocacy and more. Those who are interested in learning more about the many fields and career opportunities in public health policy, research, evaluation, media advocacy and much more... are welcome to join our upcoming, Fall 2020 cohort. Interest Form:

Application Period: September 4, 2020 to September 18, 2020

Program Acceptances: September 21, 2020

First Class will be Thursday, October 1st from 5:30-7pm.


The African American Statewide Coordinating Center AMPLIFY! provides culturally relevant expert support and tailored assistance to tobacco control programs, non-traditional partners and the greater community in California. We work to engage the African American/African Immigrant communities in our movement.


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