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Community Engagement Manager

The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) is the nation's leading cancer advocacy organization. Together with our charitable partner, the American Cancer Society, we work in Congress, state legislatures and local jurisdictions to support evidence-based policy and legislative solutions designed to eliminate cancer as a major health problem. Based in Washington, DC with offices throughout the country, ACS CAN works to encourage elected officials and candidates to make cancer a top national priority.


The Community Engagement Manager empowers and supports our African American/Black constituents to have a voice and ensures their stories are heard and have a place in tobacco control advocacy, public policy processes, and in ACS CAN’s advocacy work. This position will outreach and provide interventions to prevent exposure to, and the use of tobacco among residents in support of ACS CAN’s tobacco control grant and ACS CAN’s advocacy activities.  


Procurement Analyst

The incumbent works under the direction of the Staff Services Manager I (SSM I), Chief, Procurements Management Unit A. The AGPA will work as a lead and within a team and collaborate to ensure CTCP complies with established contract policies and procedures. The AGPA will work on three to six solicitations per year and will manage up to 30 contracts (including contracts, grants, and agreements). The AGPA will participate in contract modifications and perform the more complex fiscal and administrative oversight and monitoring. Limited in-state travel (10%) including occasional overnight stays, may be rquired to participate in procurement reviews, as well as in-person meetings with contractors and attending conferences and trainings.

Associate Health Program Adviser

An Associate Health Program Adviser (AHPA) is a health-focused analyst position that works in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating health programs or projects. At CTCP, an AHPA works either as an associate policy analyst or program consultant.

Types of AHPAs:

Program Consultant – A Program Consultant works directly with local health departments, community-based organizations, tribal organizations, and health care systems to prevent and reduce tobacco use. Consultants provide trainings, develop educational materials, and lead policy campaigns. This is an early-career position.

Policy Consultant – This position staffs the legislatively mandated oversight body for California’s tobacco control and research efforts, the Tobacco Education and Research Oversight Committee (TEROC). This involves planning and co-staffing public TEROC meetings (e.g., logistics, agenda, audio-visual equipment) and producing Committee action items such as letters, position statements and presentations.

Health Program Manager I

The Health Program Manager (HPM) is one of the supervisory classifications utilized by CTCP. The HPM I position serves as unit chiefs within the Community and Statewide Interventions Section. They lead teams of Program Consultants, and work with funded projects. These supervisors are specialized in the health field, and work closely with health program administration.

Health Program Manager III

Positions at this level have full mangement and supervisory responsibiities for complex statewide health programs and are usually at the major section or above and are typically characterized by one of the following criteria:

1. In charge of a large, well-defined multifacted health program through multilevel subordinate supervisors and a large, multidisciplinary technical/professional staff; OR

2. In charge of a moderate-size health program with at least wo of the following characteristics:

a. New program area with evolving or rapidly changing tecnology.

b. Program not clearly defined, requiring development of program definition, policy, and resources.

c. Highly sensitive/controversial subject matter.

d. Significant, immediate, and long-range impact on other programs, public and private industry. OR

3. In charge of a small highly visible program characterized by broad policy development and implementtion, where the nature of such program and policy recommendations is extremely sensitive and controversial, far-reaching and highly visible both within and outside the department. OR

4. Serve as the assistant program manager to a branch, exempt, or CEA administrator or divisional Deputy Director with addiitonal line management and supervisory responsibility for two or more programs at the section level or above. Where positions are allocated on the basis of the size and complexity of the program must be such that the delegation of this authority will not adversely impact the allocation of the administrator.  

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